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Product Description

Our mission is to create healthy baskets centered on health and wellness. We believe in the power of healthy food to help prevent disease, maintain good health, and manage symptoms of ailments. Our approach is always positive. We like to focus on what you should and can do to help yourself, rather than what you shouldn't or can't do. Using the latest research from medical experts, we've created baskets focusing on specific health issues. Each basket is designed to inform as well as delight the recipient and will hopefully inspire a healthy change in dietary philosophy.

Whether you or someone you know has an illness or a disorder, or if you are simply interested in maintaining your good health, Well Baskets has the products and information you need for healthier living.

About Our Products

We are constantly searching for the best possible selection to offer our customers. All of our products have been chosen specifically for their health-promoting properties and high quality. We strive to provide products that are all natural and free of unnecessary chemicals, additives, and, especially, hydrogenated oils. Whenever possible we choose organic products, and we avoid foods with high sugar and salt contents. For more information click on Manufacturer Information.

About Our Baskets

Each and every basket is handmade by one of our skillful basket designers. No two baskets are alike, and they are created especially with your recipient in mind. Flowers, foliage, and other decorations change seasonally, and we have included pictures to give you an idea of our designs. Pictures, however, simply cannot do the baskets justice--each one is truly a work of art and is absolutely overflowing with goodness. To really appreciate the breath-taking splendor of a well basket, order one today and see for yourself!

Why Send a Well Basket?

Because there are too many opportunities to eat unhealthy foods and to make unhealthy choices. A Well Basket says you care about someone and want them to be healthy. A Well Basket not only offers an attractive, delicious selection of healthy foods, but educates the recipient on a healthier way of life. Each Well Basket contains ailment-specific information (if applicable) plus an appropriate book or product for healthier living. A Well Basket makes a great alternative to sugar- and saturated fat-laden gift baskets, and is appropriate not only for health situations, but for holidays and special occasions. If you are feeling inspired, you can also send a Well Basket to yourself!

The Well Baskets Difference

We're not just another gift basket company offering a healthy gift basket to cater to the health-conscious market--all we carry are healthy baskets! We specialize in healthy foods, nutrition, and food-as-medicine, and we're extremely selective about the products we offer. With Well Baskets, you can be certain that the basket you order will contain the highest-quality, healthiest, natural foods and products available.

Well Baskets Cares

We are very excited about the research, efforts, and programs of organizations committed to the health and well-being of animals and people. We are proud to have donated to the following:

  • American Cancer Society
  • American Diabetes Association
  • American Heart Association
  • Animals for Life