Deluxe Healthy Dieter Healthy Gift Basket

Deluxe Healthy Dieter Healthy Gift Basket
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Want to help yourself or a friend lose weight? Our Deluxe Healthy Dieter Basket is the perfect dieting companion. We don't provide the sugar-free, low-fat, "diet" versions of your favorite foods, but rather, we introduce real foods that can help you shed extra pounds. The foods gathered here have the capacity to speed up your metabolism naturally. While you still need to exercise and watch your overall caloric intake, these foods can help you temporarily burn more calories.

Complex carbohydrates and fiber pump up metabolism by keeping insulin levels low after you eat. This is important because spikes in insulin production signal the body that it's time to store fat, at which time your metabolism slows down and you burn fewer calories. Our sources include oatmeal and Fiber Gourmet lower calorie pasta.

Fiery spices help temporarily speed up the metabolism, and nuts (when eaten in moderation) can help shed pounds.

What you drink can have a profound effect on weight loss as well. The antioxidant EGCG in green tea and the caffeine in coffee can both help your body burn more calories. For all of its wonderful health benefits, green tea's inclusion in our Deluxe Healthy Dieter Basket was essential.

The Omega-3 Fatty Acids found in salmon assist dieters by lowering the body's level of leptin. Many studies suggest that low levels of this hormone are associated with faster metabolisms and quick fat-burning capacity. So enjoy the delicious smoked salmon we've included!

Lastly, we know some of you are reluctant to give up your chips and other unhealthful snacks, so to make dieting a little easier we've included tasty Soy Crisps that are low in fat and include the health benefits of soy protein to help speed up the metabolism and Figamajigs--a healthy candy made with figs and dark chocolate. Figs contain vitamins A and C as well as calcium, magnesium and potassium--all of which may help curtail appetite and improve weight loss efforts. Figamajigs come in a portion-controlled 1.41 oz bag with only 150 calories and 4 grams of fat. They're perfect for taming the sweet tooth while providing you with 3 grams of fiber and a host of antioxidants!

For further weight-loss assistance, we've included a Weight Loss CD with imagery to heighten serotonin to reduce appetite and envision the biochemical conversion of fat into focused energy and muscle.

To encourage exercise, we've included a pedometer that measures steps, calories, and distance.

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