Terra Chips Vegetable Snack

Terra Chips Vegetable Snack
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Terra Chips Vegetable Snack
Delight your taste buds with the nourishment of the earth's most precious mix of exotic vegetables: a seasonal mix of Taro, Sweet Potato, Yuca, Batata, Parsnip, and Ruby Taro.

Terra Chips has brought a new distinction to gourmet snacks by providing premium quality chips in vibrant natural colors in a variety of fabulous flavors. This tradition began over fifteen years ago with our line of Terra Original Chips. Many of these vegetables are sweet, all are savory, and mixed together they achieve a satisfying balance of flavors -- complex, nutty, rich, delicate.

Stripes & Blues: These delectable chips are the ideal combination of an appetizing and flavorful blend of candy striped beets, sweet potatoes and blue potatoes which create the patriotic red, white and blue mix. Perfectly seasoned with Sea Salt for a most satisfying snack, these beautiful and delicious chips are sure to please. Ingredients: A seasonal mix of root vegetables (sweet potato, blue potato, beets), canola oil and/or safflower oil and/or sunflower oil, beet juice concentrate (for color), sea salt (6.5 oz).

Originating in South America around 9,000 BC, there are many types of Sweet Potatoes in existence today, but only the most premium of their family are chosen by Terra Chips because of their rich and enticing flavor. A healthy and ideal energy source high in potassium, vitamin C, carbohydrates, and an excellent source of Vitamin A, sweet potatoes make the perfect chip for every occasion. Enjoy this delicious vegetable year round with these seasoned chips available from Terra.

Sweets & Carrots: These chips are made with sweet potatoes and farm fresh carrots. Cooked in expeller pressed oil, this blend of delectable sweet potatoes and naturally sweet carrots is a unique and delicious combination. Terra Sweets & Carrots offer a hearty crunch and an unforgettable gourmet experience. Treat your guests or yourself to this mouth-watering snack (6 oz). Ingredients: Sweet potatoes, carrots, expeller pressed canola oil and/or safflower oil and/or sunflower oil.

Sweets & Beets: Terra Sweet Potato Chips are often labeled the favorite of our famous Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips. So much so, that we offer this cherished root vegetable in a bag all its own. Now, this delectable flavor is complemented by another sweet delight from the Earth's own vegetables vibrant, mouth-watering beets. The rich color of the Beet Chips' crimson hue is matched by its bold luscious flavor. These krinkle-cut Sweets & Beets offer a hearty crunch that will create a memorable gourmet experience each time you open a new bag!(6 oz) Ingredients: sweet potatoes, beets, canola oil and/or safflower oil and/or sunflower oil.

Exotic Harvest Sweet Onion Chips: Enhanced with mouth-watering sweet onion seasoning, these all-natural chips are sure to please. The unique combination of sweet carrots, flavorful blue potatoes and farm fresh kabocha squash is brought to you by this sweet, zestful seasoning.

Mediterranean Chips: The delightful balance of garlic, oregano and olive oil satisfy your exotic cravings, while the colorful array of these root vegetable chips influence images of the Mediterranean sunshine.

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